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Jymbag™ powered by souljym™ is an online marketplace for alternative, holistic, metaphysical, and subtle energy services and experiences.  We are striving make subtle energy and metaphysical wellness accessible and easy to find, similar to Etsy for homemade goods or Airbnb for an alternative place to stay.  We know demand is on the rise, now is the time for people to easily find you and what you do.  It's easy to create a listing in minutes and offer it to our growing community of those seeking your services.

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list your services in 3 steps

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Create your profile and share any holistic wellness, subtle energy or metaphysical service, program, event, or experience

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Your services and programs can be featured in multiple categories, you choose where your modality is best showcased.  If a new category needs to be created, we are here to help.

increase revenue

Once your listings are live, customers can begin purchasing.  You can reach out to them to schedule the service or confirm their purchase.

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  • milestone rewards

  • private practitioner forum


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set your price

You have the flexibility to set your price by the hour, session, package, reading, attendee, etc.  You are in charge, we are here to advise if you need help.

low fees

There are no sign-up, posting, or monthly fees with jymbag by souljym.  We charge an 8% service fee once a purchase is made through jymbag.  There is a loyalty program where a portion of this fee gets returned.

get paid fast

Create or link your Stripe account to get paid.  We will quickly disperse funds to you once a purchase has been made.

about souljym
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get rewarded

We offer loyalty rewards to our service providers for supporting jymbag.  Get recognized for your efforts in the growth of jymbag with some of our profits returned to you.  Bringing in the intention of abundance for all, we used the power of the number 8 to set the reward milestones.

sales milestone

total service fees
paid to souljym
reward amount
% of service fee

get noticed

Generate more bookings and increase revenue by getting noticed with featured listings.  We have a number of social media options to highlight your services.  Contact our team for more details (

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about jymbag powered by souljym

what is jymbag?

Jymbag is a marketplace platform that connects holistic service providers and businesses to people around the world who searching for alternative modalities.  This community is powered by service providers who support their clients in their wellness journey.

who is souljym?

Souljym™ is a growing spiritual fitness company whose mission is to make make both physical and nonphysical (mental, emotional and spiritual) health equally important.  We call it quantum wellness because we support both your physical fitness and nonphysical soulshape™.  We bring science, technology and spirituality together to build a 21st century modern soul gym experience that works holistically on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 


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