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getting started

Using the jymbag™ powered by souljym™ marketplace, you can easily discover and book all kinds of alternative, holistic, biofield, subtle energy metaphysical and mystical services and experiences.  Our hope is you find many opportunities to open the mind, expand the heart, heal the body and fuel the soul.


Whether you are a a customer wanting to book services or a business wanting to list your services the sign-up page is the same.

Step 1:  Enter your first and last name

Step 2:  Enter your email

Step 3:  Enter your phone number

Step 4:  Select one of the following:

  • Customer if you are only booking services and experiences on jymbag

  • Provider if you are a practitioner or business wanting to post on jymbag

Step 5:  Create your password with at least 6 characters

Step 6:  Let us know how you heard about jymbag

Step 7:  Read and agree to the jymbag terms of service



You are ready to book!

Choose from the different listings and go through the booking process.  You will be able to see your schedule of services from your personal dashboard.

For Business/Practitioners

getting your services listed

Please note that we approve providers and business prior to any service or experience being listed on jymbag.  Setting up your profile and creating your listings are intuitive and should be self-explanatory.  Please use the following as a reference in case you get stuck.

create stripe account

Before you can publish any listings, you will need to create or connect your stripe account.   The form is the same whether you have a pre-existing account your need to create a new one.  The registration link is at the bottom of the page.  This is how purchases made through this site will get paid to you.

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create profile

Click on" Your Site" to create your profile.

  1. Upload your profile picture or company logo

  2. Complete that About You section: 

  • What in your background makes you unique, how did you get into this profession?​

  • In your work, share what you are passionate about, share what you love about your work


 3. Complete Previous Experience section:

  • List your skills, training, certifications, etc.

  • Considering adding your biggest professional and personal accomplishments?

  • How did your attributes contribute to those accomplishments


 4. Add your social media links

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create listing

Click on" Listings" to post your services and experiences on jymbag.  All your listings can be found on this page of your dashboard.

1.  Create a new listings by clicking on the blue +New Listing button in the upper right hand corner of the page.


2. Select from the following 8 categories.

  • corporate team building: list your unique team experience program

  • spiritual travel: list your travel tours where spiritual experiences occur in 1 or more location

  • program/workshop:  list a program or workshop

  • event: list your events

  • 1-on-1 service:

  • training/certification: 

  • retreat:  

  • conference


3. Complete the following settings of your listing.

  • "Who should choose a date and time of listings?"

    • Select "Me" if the service or experience is offered on a specific date/time​

    • Select "My customer" allows the person booking to choose date/time according your your calendar schedule.  Make sure you input your availability in the my bookings calendar (see below).

      (Note: after booking you will receive an email that allows you to add to your own calendar system)

  • Select where the service or experience can take place​

  • If your service or experience is more that a 1-day, then select "yes" 

  • Click on Save and Continue


4. Complete the details of your listing.  This page will vary depending upon your previous settings. 

Key tips:

  • In your listing description, give your potential client an idea of what they may expect if they book your service and/or experience 

  • Please mention and identify any specific preparations that your client may need to consider prior to receive the service, class, or experience

  • If appropriate, post in more than one subcategory if your service is covered by more than one modality.  We are always looking to add more categories so feel free to contact us if we have overlooked your area

  • Recommend using the highest quality pictures as possible for your listing

  • You can price your services by the hour, session, reading, consultation, coaching, etc.

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calendar set-up

On your dashboard select "My Bookings" to indicate your availability. 

1.  Select availability, and enter the hours you will accept bookings


  • This dashboard will show you your upcoming bookings

  • When you receive a booking, the confirmation will have a link that you can use to sync up your own calendar system.

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