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Soulshape for

Healing Professionals

Soulshape powered by Souljym is a marketplace platform to grow your business and extend your customer reach.  We know many healing professionals and lightworkers are heart-centered individuals who are drawn to help others, if this you, Soulshape is your partner platform to build your customer reach and grow your business.  Will you join us to grow this industry and make it accessible to those who will benefit from your talents?


We only succeed when you succeed 

It’s completely free to get started.  We receive a 17% percentage commission once you start earning on Soulshape.  We chose 17% because that number has a vibration of 8 and we have set an abundance for all intention, even though industry standard is typically 20% plus credit card processing fees.  

We split credit card processing fees

We have a different approach with credit card processing fees that is aligned with our core values.  Most platforms recoup these fees from the service professional.  Since our intent is to be a good partner, we behave like partners; so we split these fees with you.  Whatever Stripe charges us for processing fees, we split it 50/50.  

Benefits of listing on Soulshape

Dedicated marketplace

You services, programs and experiences will be listed on a marketplace dedicated to alternative and metaphysical modalities.  Just like another marketplace is to crafters, we are striving to be that go to platform for quantum wellness.

Business workshops

We love to see you succeed and we want help.  We are creating workshops on such subjects as how to create a listing that attracts clients to knowing when to file trademarks.  We are partnering with marketing, financial, legal and other professionals to create content that will support your business

Private practitioner community

We know many of you are flying solo and would love to swap experiences and learnings. We have created a private community forum where you can share frustrations, trade heal-the-healer services, and celebrate wins.  

Boost your visibility

We are building our social channels and have plans for practitioner features on our channels.  We can't disclose all the details yet, but there will be multiple opportunities to grow your exposure to attract new clients.


Getting started on Soulshape

Getting started is a 3-step process

Sign Up

Create your log-in and provide us details about yourself 

Create Profile

Create your profile that will be seen by clients.  You can view our image guidelines here

Get Verified

Our staff reviews your credentials. If we have questions, we will reach out

Get started

Creating listings on Soulshape

Getting booked on Soulshape starts with a listing of your quantum wellness service or experience.  It is important to navigate the listing creation process so your new customers can find you.  A Stripe account is required before any listing can go live.


Select your Category

Choose a categories that best describes your business offering

  • Private Session:  individual or small group session 

  • Program and Workshop:  a class or downloadable workshop

  • Events: a special event that is not a conference or a retreat

  • Conferences: use for selling tickets to your conference

  • Retreats: the out-of-town special event

  • Spiritual travel tour:  travel with a spiritual or healing purpose that is not a retreat

  • Corporate team building:  team building program with a quantum wellness goal

  • Training & certification program:  let future students know you are teaching others


Manage your Settings

These settings are important to configuring how your calendar is managed in booking clients.


Create Listing Details

Describe your service, program or experience.  Give details that will connect to new clients



Review your work and publish.


Managing your Soulshape bookings

Getting started requires you to create a profile.  Our staff will review your profile and will activate your listings.

Getting paid on Soulshape

Posting on Soushape requires a Stripe account.  You can create or connect an existing Stripe account in the sign-up process.  For those with existing Stripe accounts it may appear you are creating a new account, we can assure you that you are not.  The system connects into a streamlined Stripe setup portal through the Soulshape platform.  We do not have access to your account or financial information.  Nor would we want that responsibility.

Getting paid is easy.  Once a new user has booked your listing, the funds are sent directly to your Stripe account minus the 17% commission and your share the credit card processing fees Stripe's (currently 1.45%)