Community Guidelines

We take the safety of our community seriously, so our team will review all listings and remove anything or anyone that is suspicious and/or violates our community rules.

Respect for others

Respect all other members and do not send spam, offensive, or threatening messages, leave comments, or engage in any other form of offensive communication​

Authorized listings

Only create listings for services and/or experiences you are authorized to represent

Timely communication

Strive to answering all messages in a timely fashion

Comply with laws, regulations and agreements

Jymbag® powered by Souljym™ is a third-party marketplace and by using it, you must also comply with any and all local laws, regulations, terms of use, and/or booking agreement(s) that are applicable

No external contact information or links

We do not allow contact information or external links (URL's) on listings and/or in images that are added to listings.  This includes emails, websites, and phone numbers.

Circumventing the platform is not allowed

For the safety and security of our community, we do not allow contact information to be sent through our messaging prior to a confirmed booking.

Sending messages containing your personal information, contact information, or taking transactions off our platform is against our policies and can result in a permanent ban from the platform.  We spend money in marketing and customer acquisition costs, saving a commission is not good partner behavior.