about us

Everyday is an opportunity to lift others along their soulshape journey

Our Soulshape journey

Our journey began when our founder, Leslie Bennett, lost her husband in a tragic accident resulting into a life support decision on his 49th birthday.  In her grief she reached beyond talk therapy to reconstruct her heartbreak.  She embarked on a spiritual journey that included mediums, psychics, akashic readers, spiritual coaches, and metaphysical teachers.  What surprised her is how difficult it was to find alternative healing professionals and the degree of societal biases influencing her decision making.

Leslie wants to make finding alternative healing professional easy.  Not only that, she wants Soulshape to be a reliable educational platform for anyone to learn about the different modalities.  One thing is for sure, having a Soulshape platform would have saved Leslie hours of research, frustration and fear.  Soulshape is designed to save time and remove the fear of hiring a charlatan.  We invite you to help lift alternative healing professionals into a new era of accessibility.  We also want to shift the "alternative" language, into something more mainstream...we will get there soon.

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Our Soulshape mission

Our mission is to be a lighthouse along the journey.  We want to shine the light on the opportunities to heal, grow, and thrive.  Our intention is to create a wellness community marketplace that is built from the heart in service to others and are guided by our core values.


We want to see healing professionals grow their business and connect them with new clients.  We love to see the magic when a connection occurs.  It's the stories of someone getting answers, healing the heart, soul, or body, and feeling loved that makes our us smile.  It's those moments that we feel abundant.


Our Soulshape team

The Soulshape team is lead by two sisters, Leslie and Laura.  Together they have a shared vision: to be that reached-out hand on someone's journey by making the healing practitioners on Soulshape accessible and easy to find.  They view each day as an opportunity to brighten someone else's day by connecting people to heal, grow, and be more of themselves. 


Working together on Soulshape has been a dream come true for both women who have come together having had successful careers in other industries.  They are adventuring into the wellness tech arena together.  Their complimentary skills are ideal to create and build Soulshape. 

Leslie Bennett

Leslie is the founder, creator, and developer of Soulshape. She is a 20-year pharmaceutical executive specializing in global regulatory affairs and has a legal background. She jumps into every project with passion and direction.  She is proud to call herself a full-time spiritual entrepreneur dedicated to successfully launching Souljym and Soulshape.




Laura is the creative director of Soulshape.  She has a nationally recognized background as a passionate theatre professional with over 16 years' experience producing and directing high quality children's theater productions. Laura brings her motivating theatrical background to building Soulshape and wanting to share stories of everyone's Soulshape experience.


Our Soulshape core values

Our intention is to build a compassionate company that is shaped by our 6 core values.

Think limitlessly

The freedom of possibilities and synchronicities comes to us through fearless decision-making.  We operate at the forefront of opportunity and proceed unhindered by stumbling blocks.  We aren’t afraid to challenge our knowledge in the name of further growth.

Allow wisdom and growth

We stimulate wisdom through conscious listening.  By leaning into the discomfort of the unknown, we prioritize our perpetual curiosity. Our passion is fueled through the consistent expansion of our existing knowledge.  Every situation offers a new opportunity to grow.

Communicate with integrity

Our actions are guided by integrity and free from judgment.  We communicate and build relationships from a place of honesty, transparency, and compassion while always honoring our truth.  Our priority is to treat everyone with respect and compassion.

Lead with the heart

Our wholehearted approach allows us to decipher what is not serving us or our community.  We take pride in going above and beyond to fulfill our purpose of service grounded in love.  Our devotion and concern for others manifests through the time we set aside to give back to our community.

Aligned movement

We strive for positive momentum over scattered action.  We ensure that our goals are both aligned and well communicated before we act.  When new opportunities arise, we check in with our heart before our head to guarantee alignment with our purpose.

Together we thrive

Our relationships are far more valuable than commerce.  We know that then we work collectively, we all benefit.  Through the creation of a light warrior ecosystem, we honor unique abilities to create bountiful energy exchanges where everybody thrives.